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Welcome to Deb's Discworld Music

A library of information dedicated to music from the Discworld MUD game.

This site has thorough information on:

  • Detailed item list
  • Shops
  • Weight listings
  • Skills and produced plays
  • Crafts related
  • Research of bonuses (not completed)
  • Anything else that's useful
Last updated: 28th April 2007

MUD mail feedback regarding corrections and ideas are welcome.

Instruments total: 58
-Obtainable: 52
-Non-obtainable: 6
Things to do:
  • Add instrument weights in debens (Djelian weights - may improve accuracy of heavier instruments that were weighed in pounds)
  • More research (easier said than done)
Short significant update history
Apr 07 - General update of whole site - improve profile pages in ins/ added 2 more sections for organisation. Gufnork organ messages;staves at Monk of Cool; ebony guqin.

Feb 07 - Completed Estate music room inventory;Appraises of heavier objects (harpsichord, h.jungle drum); Misc page; Price ranges of Genua shop price changes; Messages for dark glossy lute; small brass whistle.

Dec 06 - Crafts page; Introduction page.

Nov 06 - New use for Misc page;Introduction page; messages for hammered dulcimer, piano, black piano.

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