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There is very little information in regards to skill checks as custom case making is more tedious to practice, in regards to TMing and spending money on a new case to craft on. For the matter of clay flutes, only Assassins with the right skills can make clay flutes, unfortunately requiring around at least 280 bonus in crafts.pottery.forming.shaping for a start, then succeeding in crafts.pottery.firing to finish adding a moderate bonus requirement. Leaving glazing (cr.pot.glazing) and staining (cr.pot.staining) optionally.


Cases - Basics

Cases that aren't scabbard type are worn as a normal layer as a typical clothes item does, a lovely option to carry particularly heavier and very large instruments without a backpack/satchel/bag option. Keep in mind to check for dex penalty as you wear one with other containers.

The wooden pipe case is the only case available that have the capacity hold more than one instrument (such as two wooden recorders, a wooden recorder and a snake charming pipe, or silver flute etc) as long as they are smaller than the case's size and weight capacity in total.

When you buy a case from Mrs Daycoparge's shop and crafts room, Musicians' Guild, Ankh-Morpork they'll be wooden and plain. The room allows you to personalize custom cases, however you'll require skills to craft them for better quality.
Now Iki Banu's crafts room, Ninjas Guild, Bes Pelargic provides the same facilities but only sells the wooden pipe case.

Skills used are:

  • crafts.arts.calligraphy

  • If painting in any command, otherwise:
  • crafts.arts.painting
Note: It is an expensive way to TM and train up practising these to get better. It may be wiser to TM some of these skills by other methods, such as embroidery for, pottery for Another alternative could be using the linen squares from embroidery, framing works and then decorating them.

You require three tools, which are provided in the shops readily:

A: a claw hammer for A$1.50
B: a paintbrush for 62p
C: a pair of sharp scissors for A$3

And one of the cases provided in the shops, such as:

D: a wooden harp case for A$15
E: a wooden guitar case for A$16
F: a wooden pipe case for A$10
G: a wooden maraca case for A$10
H: a wooden saxophone case for A$15
I: a wooden violin case for A$12

Cases - Process

The commands should be used in these order, though its optional to use all three. You also cannot paint on fabric. Remember that a certain amount of skill in the following is needed to produce quality cases.
  1. Cover
  2. Decorate
  3. Inscribe
syntax cover
Uses or
  • cover <object> with <colour> <fabric>
  • cover <object> with <colour> paint

Paint colours available is the same as if using fabrics.

Look fabric:
All sorts of fabrics are available here and can be used to cover an instrument case. You can see red, pink, orange, yellow, brown, aqua, cyan, green, blue, purple, mauve, black, white and grey silk, velvet, linen, leather, suede, cotton and satin.

  1. red
  2. pink
  3. orange
  4. yellow
  5. brown
  6. aqua
  7. cyan
  1. green
  2. blue
  3. purple
  4. mauve
  5. black
  6. white
  7. grey
  1. silk
  2. velvet
  3. linen
  4. leather
  5. suede
  6. cotton
  7. satin

syntax decorate

  • decorate <object> with [a] <pattern> using <colour> paint
  • decorate <object> with [a] <pattern> using <colour> <decoration>

look pattern (Musicians Guild ,AM):
There is a large variety of patterns displayed on posters on the walls. You could use one to decorate an instrument case. You can see patterns for a star, a circle, a square, a crescent, an oval, a diamond, an octagon, a triangle, a rectangle, a heart, a spider, a butterfly, a scorpion, a bee, a grasshopper, a frog, a bat, a fruitbat, a fish, a snake, a lizard, a turtle, a dragon, a raven, an owl, a crane, a dog, a wolf, a cat, a tiger, a lion, an elephant, a horse, a monkey, a bear, a panda, a dolphin, a demon, a daisy, an orchid, a lotus flower, a rose, a lilac, a tulip, a hasheesh plant, a cactus, a cloak and dagger, a crossbow, a blowpipe, a throwing knife, a dagger, a sword, a scythe, a mace, a skull and crossbones, a witch's broomstick, a spiderweb, a pointy hat, a mystical symbol, a staff with a knob on the end, a domino mask, a purse, a money bag, a dollar symbol, a question mark, a treble clef, a bass clef, a musical note, an open book, a quill, a needle and thread, a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover.

Look pattern (Ninja Guild):
Patterns that can be used to decorate a box or picture frame hang from the walls. You can see patterns for a star, a pattern of stripes, a collection of spots, a couple of large swirls, a branch of blossoms, a stalk of bamboo, a small grasshopper, a turtle, a coiled serpent, a dancing crane, a tiger, a wingless dragon and a flying butterfly.

Musicians Guild PatternNinja Guild Pattern
  1. star
  2. circle
  3. square
  4. crescent
  5. oval
  6. diamond
  7. octagon
  8. triangle
  9. rectangle
  10. heart
  11. spider
  12. butterfly
  13. scorpion
  14. bee
  15. grasshopper
  16. frog
  17. bat
  18. fruitbat
  19. fish
  20. snake
  21. lizard
  22. turtle
  23. dragon
  24. raven
  25. owl
  1. crane
  2. dog
  3. wolf
  4. cat
  5. tiger
  6. lion
  7. elephant
  8. horse
  9. monkey
  10. bear
  11. panda
  12. dolphin
  13. demon
  14. daisy
  15. orchid
  16. lotus flower
  17. rose
  18. lilac
  19. tulip
  20. hasheesh plant
  21. cactus
  22. cloak and dagger
  23. crossbow
  24. blowpipe
  25. throwing knife
  1. dagger
  2. sword
  3. scythe
  4. mace
  5. skull and crossbones
  6. witch's broomstick
  7. spiderweb
  8. pointy hat
  9. mystical symbol
  10. staff with a knob on the end
  11. domino mask
  12. purse
  13. money bag
  14. dollar symbol
  15. question mark
  16. treble clef
  17. bass clef
  18. musical note
  19. open book
  20. quill
  21. needle and thread
  22. horseshoe
  23. four-leaf clover
  1. star
  2. pattern of stripes
  3. collection of spots
  4. couple of large swirls
  5. branch of blossoms
  6. stalk of bamboo
  7. small grasshopper
  8. turle
  9. coiled serpent
  10. dancing crane
  11. tiger
  12. wingless dragon
  13. flying butterfly

Look baubles|tidbits
All sorts of baubles sit in pots on the table and could be used to decorate an instrument case. You can see red, pink, orange, yellow, brown, aqua, cyan, green, blue, purple, mauve, black, white, grey, gold and silver glass beads, sequins, fluff, buttons, braid and glitter.

  1. red
  2. pink
  3. orange
  4. yellow
  5. brown
  6. aqua
  1. cyan
  2. green
  3. blue
  4. purple
  5. mauve
  6. black
  1. white
  2. grey
  3. gold
  4. silver
  1. glass beads
  2. sequins
  3. fluff
  4. buttons
  5. braid
  6. glitter

syntax inscribe
Uses crafts.arts.calligraphy

  • inscribe <object> with <text> using <colour> paint
  • inscribe <object> with <text> using <colour> <decoration>

However if any of the syntaxes uses paint instead of the skills mentioned, crafts.arts.painting is used instead.

Generally you need at least 200-240 bonus depending on the fabric for successful crafting.


Clay Flutes

Clay flutes are the only instrument so far that can be customised and personalised. They are lightweight, fairly easy in difficulty and is also a fired weapon, another inhuming tool for Assassins.

Skills used for whole process:

  • crafts.pottery.forming.throwing
  • crafts.pottery.forming.shaping
  • crafts.pottery.staining - optional
  • crafts.pottery.glazing - optional
  • crafts.pottery.firing
However a non-Assassin can do the process except the initial step. Making the clay tube from potter's clay (requires a brush).

The facilities provided to make clay tubes is in the pottery room, Ninjas Guild, Bes Pelargic. Potter's clay is readily available from Iki Banu's crafts room close by the pottery room and the tube moulding equipment is in there. The drawback of making the tubes is that it requires at least 270-275 bonus to [u]start to[/u] suceed.

The process is typically similar to making normal pottery after the clay tube part, the other pottery room available for non-Assassins is the pottery room in Cockbill St, West of Ankh-Morpork:

syntax make
make <tube> into {blowpipe|flute|flute-blowpipe)
syntax stain
stain <pottery> with {spot|stripe|ring|star|dollar|cabbage} in <colour>
syntax glaze
glaze <pottery> with <colour> glaze
syntax fire
fire <pottery> in kiln


  • Must hold a tongs in one hand before you take pottery out from a kiln. Otherwise you'll burn your hand and drop your pottery, thus breaking your finished work.
  • Cooling racks - placing hot pottery fresh from the kiln will dramatically speed up the cooling process, it's also doubles for drying freshly painted glazes and/or stains.