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Organ at Gufnork Temple, AM item
  1. [Hitting a few clashing notes/Starting with a clashing chord], you start to play the large organ.
    You suddenly stop playing as the loud and angry voice of Gufnork booms in your head saying: Stop that damn noise, a god can only take so much!
    • For playing such insulting music you shall be
      1. inflicted with the sniffles!
      2. the carrier of fleas!
      3. inflicted with the breath of a thousand Genuans!
        A garlicky smell wafts out as you exhale.
      4. covered in camel spit!
        The disgusting mixture of saliva and regurgitated grass splatters all over your face.

        "Large blobs of regurgitated grass and saliva drip off []'s face and fall to the ground with a splat."

      5. covered in the very substance you sound like!
        You are covered in festering excrement!
      6. the butt of every joke!
        A huge trumpeting noise comes from your rear, closely followed by a stench of boiled cabbage.

        "The smell of sprouts and cabbages from [] wafts over you and you find yourself thinking of school dinners."

      "[] suddenly stops playing the large organ and goes cross-eyed."

    • Well, I was going to punish you for playing such awful music, but I see you are already in a bad way and shall take pity on you.
  2. You [start to play a melody/quickly start playing] on the large organ.
    To the relief of everyone in earshot you finally finish playing the large organ.
  3. You start to run your fingers up and down the large organ.
    You finish playing a few scales on the organ.
  4. You start to play on the large organ.
    You play the final note of something that should not be played in the presence of others.
  5. You start to play a melody on the large organ.
    You play the final note of a moving and fluffy melody on the large organ.
    Somewhere, almost too faint to hear, you think you can hear soft applause.
  6. [Fingers blurring, you start to play the large organ./You start to play some beautiful music on the large organ.]
    You feel totally overcome by the music as you play [the large organ/in a religious frenzy]. Reaching the finale you hear the voice of Gufnork in your head saying: Thank you for the beautiful tribute[ /, my child]. Please take this gift of fluff.
    A ball of [coloured] fluff is expelled from one of the organ's pipes and falls to the floor.

List of fluffs from organ:

Colour (rainbow)Taste when eaten
  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Violet
  1. Love
  2. Kindness
  3. Joy
  4. Delight
  5. Music
  6. Amazement-flavoured
  7. Wonderful