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Group: Keyboard
Description: The accordion is a portable wind instrument with two keyboards which allows you to play harmonies easily. In between, there's a hand-operated bellow which seems to force the wind through the keyboards and make it sound.
Weight: about 30 lb
Size: about a foot and a half long and about nine inches wide
1.5 ft x 9 in
Appraise: The accordion is about a foot and a half long and about nine inches wide. It is made of leather and appears to be a musical instrument from the keyboard family. It is in excellent condition.
Possible places to get from:

  1. You play a terrible racket of notes on [instrument].
  2. A terrible noise comes from a [instrument] as you play it.
  3. You play an awful clash of notes on a [instrument].
  4. You play a simple melody on [instrument].
  5. You play a rather monotonous melody on [instrument].
  6. Fingers moving quickly, you play an upbeat tune on [instrument].
  7. You expertly play a dramatic melody on [instrument].
  8. Your fingers dance along the keys of a [instrument] as you play a hauntingly beautiful melody on it.
  1. You play a chaotic solo on [instrument].
  2. You play an annoyingly loud solo on [instrument].
  3. You perform an awful solo on [instrument].
  4. You perform a rather uninspired solo on [instrument].
  5. You play a simple solo on [instrument].
  6. Fingers moving slowly, almost meditatively, you perform a contemplative solo on a [instrument].
  7. You skillfully perform a creative solo on [instrument].
  8. You expertly perform an interesting solo on a [instrument].
  1. You serenade [] with a horrible clash of notes on [instrument]. It does not look as though [he/she] is very impressed.
  2. You serenade [] with a few painful notes on [instrument], [he/she] does not look impressed.
  3. You serenade [] with a flat and boring tune on [instrument].
  4. You quickly serenade [] with a few clashing notes on [instrument].
  5. You timidly play a simple yet pretty melody on [instrument] for [].
  6. You play an uninspired melody for [] on [instrument].
  7. You serenade [] with a quaintly delicate progression on [instrument].
  8. You skillfully serenade [] with a romantic tune on [instrument].
  9. You expertly serenade [] with a complicated yet romantic tune on [instrument].
  10. Fingers seductively dancing on the keys of a [instrument], you serenade [] with a passionate melody.