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Bamboo Flute
Group: Wind
Weapons - fired
Description: This cunningly crafted blowpipe can be used both as a weapon and a flute, allowing it to be used for the inhumation of particularly paranoid clients. It is made from bamboo and decorated with a flowered pattern. Five finger holes run down the front of the flute and a thumb hole is on the back indicating that it should be played vertically.
It is in excellent condition.
Weight: 4/9 lb
Size: about nine inches long and an inch wide
9 in x 1 in
Appraise: The bamboo flute is about nine inches long and an inch wide. It is made of bamboo and could be used as a fired weapon. It is in very good condition.
Possible places to get from:

  1. Putting the bamboo flute to your lips, you make a horrible noises.
  2. Blowing harshly into your bamboo flute, you make a few ear-shattering notes.
  3. You blow into your bamboo flute, you create a flat and hollow hooting noise.
  4. You play an annoying melody on your bamboo flute.
  5. You play a simple yet moving tune on your bamboo flute.
  6. A delicate tune comes from your bamboo flute as you play it.
  7. You feel completely at peace as you play your bamboo flute, creating a beautiful and spiritual tune.
  8. With obvious musical skill, you play a complex yet harmonious melody on your bamboo flute.
  1. You play something that sounds like ducks fighting on your [instrument].
  2. You perform a solo lacking in creativity and, indeed, melody on your [instrument].
  3. A discordant noise sounds from the [instrument] as you perform a solo on it.
  4. You perform a simple solo on your [instrument].
  5. You perform a monotonous solo on your [instrument].
  6. You skillfully perform a funky solo on your [instrument].
  7. With admirable timing, you play an inspired solo on your [instrument].
  8. You expertly perform a melodic and beautiful solo on your [instrument].
  1. You serenade [] with your [instrument], playing something that sounds like two tom cats fighting.
  2. You serenade [] with an awful tune of clashing notes on your [instrument], showing no consideration to anyone's eardrums.
  3. You play your [instrument], serenading [] with a boring and unimaginative tune.
  4. You timidly serenade [] on your [instrument] with a simple yet appealing tune.
  5. You serenade [] with a rather monotonous tune on your [instrument].
  6. You serenade [] with a soft and romantic melody on your [instrument].
  7. You gallantly serenade [] on your [instrument] with a popular romantic song.
  8. You passionately play a heart-felt melody, serenading [] with your [instrument].