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Group: Stringed
Description: The banjo is a guitarish-looking instrument with four thin metal strings attached on a rather long and narrow fretted neck. The body is round and flat which gives the banjo its characteristic plonky sound. Yee-Haw!
Weight: 4 4/9lb
Size: about a foot and a half long and about six inches wide
1.5 ft x 6 in
Appraise: Stereo is about a foot and a half long and about six inches wide. It is made of wood and appears to be a musical instrument from the stringed family. It is in excellent condition.
Possible places to get from:

Strumming None
  1. You with an obvious lack of skill you play something that sounds like nails being dragged down a blackboard on your [instrument].
  2. You play a few clashing chords on your [instrument]
  3. You slowly play a few chords on your [instrument].
  4. You quickly play a discordant melody on [instrument].
  5. You play a repetitive tune on your [instrument].
  6. You play an elegantly simple melody line on your [instrument].
  7. With creative flair, you play a delicate and interesting tune on your [instrument].
  8. You expertly play your [instrument], creating a complex yet beautiful tune.
  1. You create a noise akin to that made when a raven finds an eyeball as you perform a solo on [instrument].
  2. You perform an irritating solo on your [instrument].
  3. You play a humdrum solo on your [instrument].
  4. You perform a lacklustre solo on your [instrument].
  5. You timidly perform a peaceful solo on your [instrument].
  6. You play a peaceful solo on your [instrument].
  7. You expertly perform a creative solo on your [instrument].
  8. Demonstrating flair and creativity, you perform a beautiful yet reflective solo on your [instrument].
  1. You serenade [] with a few clashing notes on your [instrument], [he/she] does not look impressed.
  2. You serenade [] with an awful melody on your You play a few clashing chords on your [instrument].
  3. You serenade [] with an uninteresting tune on your [instrument].
  4. You play a simple tune on your [instrument] for [].
  5. You play a tiresome tune for [] on your [instrument].
  6. You skillfully serenade [] with a moving melody on your [instrument].
  7. With elegant movements you play a folksong about two doves on your [instrument], serenading [].
  8. Working your [instrument] seductively, you serenade [] with a romantic tune.