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Black Lute Case
Group: Cases
Description: The oiled-leather surface of this lute case has been embossed with the muscat of grapes most often recognized as the symbol proudly worn, and proudly drunk, by the gentlemen and ladies of Duchess Saturday's Musketeers. A long strap enables it to be worn on one shoulder, and a pair of sturdy steel catches hold it closed, while the oiled leather keeps the precious instrument, one of the most valued tools of a musketeer's trade, safe and dry.
You cannot see inside it. It is closed.
It is in excellent condition.

It is almost completely full with: a small ivory pick and a dark glossy lute.
It is open.
It is in excellent condition.

Weight: 1 6/9 lb empty
3 7/9 lb withsmall ivory pick and dark glossy lute
Size: about two and a half feet long and about a foot wide
2.5 ft x 1 ft
Appraise: The black lute case is about two and a half feet long and about a foot wide. It is made of leather and looks like you could wear it. It can hold about 2 pounds. It is in excellent condition.
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