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Black Tambourine
Group: Percussion
Weapons - Inhuming
Description: The frame of this tambourine is made from ebony wood and a skin, dyed black, has been stretched over it. In the frame, where there would normally be many small metallic disks which rattle when played, is a single ridge of extremely sharp blackened metal.
Judge: You determine that the black tambourine can be used for the musicial method of inhumation. Judging it further would be useless as it cannot by used as a melee weapon.
Weight: 2 lb
Size: about nine inches long and about nine inches wide
9 in x 9 in
Appraise: The black tambourine is about nine inches long and about nine inches wide. It is black and is made of wood and appears to be a musical instrument from the percussion family. It is in excellent condition.
Possible places to get from:

  1. A sound like heads being banged together comes from your [instrument] as you hit at it randomly.
  2. Hitting your [instrument] at random, you play an annoying beat.
  3. You tap out a boring rhythm on your [instrument].
  4. You play an irritating beat on your [instrument].
  5. You play a slow and repetitive beat on your [instrument].
  6. You tap out a simple yet pleasant rhythm on your [instrument].
  7. You skillfully play an exciting and complicated rhythm on your [instrument].
  8. Moving with great energy, you play an upbeat and intricate tattoo on your [instrument].
  1. Showing no real musical ability, you play a horrible noise on your [instrument].
  2. With no consideration to anyone within hearing distance, you perform an irritating solo on your [instrument].
  3. You play something that sounds similar to a discquake on your [instrument].
  4. You perform a boring solo on [instrument].
  5. You play an uninspired solo on your [instrument].
  6. You play a percussion solo on [instrument].
  7. You deftly play an upbeat solo on your [instrument].
  8. With quick movements, you skillfully play an exciting solo on your [instrument].
  9. With a high degree of musical skill, you perform an artistic and vigorous solo on your [instrument].
  1. You thump your [instrument] at random, serenading [] with it.
  2. You serenade [] with an irregular rhythm on your [instrument].
  3. You shyly tap a slow and simple beat on your [instrument], serenading [].
  4. You play a monotonous beat on your [instrument], serenading [] with it.
  5. You serenade [] with a boring rhythm on your [instrument].
  6. With a steady hand, you play a traditional troll mating beat for [] on your [instrument].
  7. You energetically tap out a passionate rhythm on your [instrument] for [].
  8. You passionately serenade [] with the frantic rhythm of two lovers' heartbeats on your [instrument].