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Black Violin
Group: Stringed - it's implement Violin Bow [black 1], Violin Bow [black 2] and Violin Bow [normal]
Weapons - fired
Description: This is an elegant hand carved violin with a solid spruce top and hand carved maple back, sides, and bridge. The fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest are made from the finest ebony wood. The instrument has been brushed over lovingly with a black varnish that still allows the fine structure of the wood to shine through and please the eye while the violinist pleases the ear. One of the strings looks rather flexible, as though it could be used to project something forward.
It is in excellent condition.

NB: Can by used with any violin bow (Assassins or normal)

Weight: 2 2/9 lb
Size: about a foot and a half long and about six inches wide
1.5 ft x 6 in
Appraise: The black violin is about a foot and a half long and about six inches wide. It is made of wood and could be used as a fired weapon. It can hold less than one pound. It is in excellent condition.
Possible places to get from:

Strumming None
  1. A sound akin to a cat meowing comes from the black violin as you play it.
  2. You quickly pull the bow across your black violin, creating a clash of notes.
  3. You harshly drag the bow across your black violin, creating a horrible screeching noise.
  4. You play a few simple harmonics on your black violin.
  5. You play a boring tune on your black violin.
  6. Cradling your black violin, you play a pretty little tune.
  7. Moving the bow in a blur, you play a dramatic melody on your black violin.
  8. Slowly moving the bow, you play a hauntingly beautiful tune on your black violin.
  1. You create a noise akin to that made when a raven finds an eyeball as you perform a solo on [instrument].
  2. You perform an irritating solo on your [instrument].
  3. You play a humdrum solo on your [instrument].
  4. You perform a lacklustre solo on your [instrument].
  5. You timidly perform a peaceful solo on your [instrument].
  6. You play a peaceful solo on your [instrument].
  7. You expertly perform a creative solo on your [instrument].
  8. Demonstrating flair and creativity, you perform a beautiful yet reflective solo on your [instrument].
  1. You serenade [] with a few clashing notes on your [instrument], [he/she] does not look impressed.
  2. You serenade [] with an awful melody on your You play a few clashing chords on your [instrument].
  3. You serenade [] with an uninteresting tune on your [instrument].
  4. You play a simple tune on your [instrument] for [].
  5. You play a tiresome tune for [] on your [instrument].
  6. You skillfully serenade [] with a moving melody on your [instrument].
  7. With elegant movements you play a folksong about two doves on your [instrument], serenading [].
  8. Working your [instrument] seductively, you serenade [] with a romantic tune.