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Carved Bonus Aulos
Group: Wind
Description: Made from two long stag's bones, carved with cavorting maenads and polished to a high sheen, this double flute with its smooth ivory mouthpiece balances lightly in the hand and seems to sound soft music on the edge of hearing with only the wind to play it. Legend says that Patina, Goddess of Wisdom, made the first aulos in order to play a game involving blowing small paper balls across a green table, but cast it aside in disgust when the sounds ruined Her concentration.
Weight: 1 lb
Size: about a foot and a half long and about six inches wide
1.5 ft x 6 in
Appraise: The carved bone aulos is about a foot and a half long and about six inches wide. It is made of bone and appears to be a musicial instrument from the wind family. It is in excellent condition.
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