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Violin Case
Group: Cases
Description: Stiff and highly-polished black leather encloses the smooth and voluptuous curves of a violin like a Mano Rossa Don caressing his latest moll. The catches are discreet silver hooks, and a leather strap has been attached to each end, allowing the case to be slung across the back.
It could sheathe two violin bows and either one crossbow, one violin or two hatchets.
It is in excellent condition

NB: To fit a violin bow (any) and (black) violin together, you must put the bow in first.

Weight: 1 lb
3 5/9 lb violin case + black violin + any violin bow
3 5/9 lb violin case + violin + any violin bow
Size: about three feet long and about two feet wide
3 ft x 2 ft
Appraise: The violin case is about three feet long and about two feet wide.
It is made of leather and looks like you could wear it. It is in excellent condition.
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