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Skill Bonuses

The bonuses stated are rather averages, meaning not performing very badly or very good with respect to the play syntax, it might also be the bonus threshold you could be able to tm frequently. I'm stating the average bonus to play is because a lot of the instruments have varied difficulty comparing perform and serenade. For one instance perform could have same difficulty as play, or perform require need 50-100 more bonus to fare well.

NB: Instruments marked * means I'm not too sure where they fit exactly as I didn't have enough lower bonus information from the research section to determine statistically.
The notes added are from working on the research, I haven't bothered fiddling with the tables though until I'm thoroughly done.

Useful link:

Generalised difficulty of each instrument

tune (stringed) > primers > play > serenade >= perform > music sheets > custom plays/serenades

Average bonus Instruments
175 Banjo - research
Lute - research
Acoustic Guitar - research
Genuine Genuan Guitar - research
Dragon Harp - research
200 Ebony Guqin - research
Recital Harp - research
Ukulele of Pain - research
225 Wooden Koto - research
250 Biwa - research
Violin - research
Black Violin - research
Ornate Wooden Harp, Magpyr Castle, Uberwald - research
275 Dark Glossy Lute - research
300 Hooked Harp - research
Long Shamisen - research
325 Wooden Harp - research

Average bonus Instruments
150 Wooden Whistle*
Bass Horn*
175 Panpipe*
Dented Penny Whistle
Reed Pipe
Bamboo Flute*
Clay Flute*
Wooden Recorder*
200 Tin Shakuhachi
Snake Charming Pipe*
250 Tenor Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
275 Black Trumpet
Brass Trumpet
Black Clarinet
Silver Flute
300 Lancre Bagpipe
325 Carved Bone Aulos

Average bonus Instruments
175 Maracas*
Bongo Drum*
Black Tambourine*
200 Howondalandish Jungle Drum
Taiko Drum
Large Timpani
225 Dobachi
250 Kotsuzumi Kokiriko
275 Hammered Dulcimer

Average bonus Instruments
175 Decorative Harpsichord
Ebony Organ, Magpyr Castle, Uberwald
250 Accordion
Black Piano, Haunted House, Genua*
275 Organ at Gufnork Temple, AM
Piano at Assassins Guild, AM*

Average bonus Instruments
at least 170 bonus to start suceeding
at least 170 bonus in to read sucessfully
Staves at Monks of Cool